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Subject: Father's_SideIf you are under the legal age where you live, then go no further. This
story is fiction and in no way was meant to represent anyone. If this
type of representation offends you, then please locate the "back" button
on your computer.Read and enjoy.Father's SideMy name is Tyler. I was an only child and my parents were divorced. I
had lived with my mother and her parents my entire life. However, she
died six years ago. When she passed away, I moved in with my father.
My grandparents said that I was too much for them to handle at such an
old age. I am now 24 years old. If you can do any math at all, then
you would know that my mother died when I was 18. I moved in with my
father so I could finish high school, and not have to work late shifts
to support myself.I was always close to free lolitas video clips my mom. She was always there for me. I loved her
with all of my heart. I felt really bad when she died, because I felt,
and still feel, that she never knew just how much I really cared for
her. She started bringing home different guys all the time when I was
about 14. At 15, I had many friends that had cars, so I would try to be
home as little that I could. It wasn't that I disliked the guys she
dated, I just wanted to be out of the way. I guess I was out of the way
too much. She dipped into drugs with some of her boyfriends, and one
night I came home to see her passed out on the living room floor. She
had overdosed on coke.With that entire background check aside, I guess I should tell you that
when I moved in with my dad, a lot of things changed. I had to go to a
new school, a new town, and a new bedroom. I was only about 20 mile
away from my old house, but everything was changing so fast, I didn't
know what to do.All of this confusion opened new doors for my life. I was thinking
everything through so deeply, that I realized that I was gay. I didn't
ask to be gay, it just fell into my lap one night, literally, when I was
masturbating. I found an old fuck book in the ally behind my house. I
was looking at it and flipped to a page with two guys on it. I was
hooked!I had never had sex with a woman, and still haven't made love lolita fun non nude
to one,
because when I was screwing around with them, it just didn't seem
natural. I would think of naked prelolita girls photo guys instead of the girl that I was with. I
guess, from that point on, I knew that I was gay.I didn't know what to do about my life. The town was small, and my
family was really against gays. It was always "faggot" this and "homo"
that. I was so scared. I thought that I would have to run away and
never look back just to be happy. I used to think and cry about it all
night up in my room. Then, I would pull out my books and beat off. I
guess that is how I coped with everything sexual.I was home by myself one weekend when I decided to go out and try to
"score some cock". I was really scared, because if this thing got out
in such a small town, then I would be a dead man. My father's side of
the family would disown me! Well, I was horny, so I continued on my
way. I went to a club and looked around. I appeared much older than I
was because I matured very quickly. I saw this guy that I thought was
the third anti-Christ because he looked like he had all of the power in
the world. I was locked on him like a scud missile. He reminded me of
someone else so much, but I couldn't quit put my finger on it. He was
just the most gorgeous thing in the universe.I approached him. Knees trembling, palms sweaty, and my mouth was dry
as the Sahara. He must have noticed me too, because he came walking
toward me too. I was on cloud nine. I did what came natural to other
guys with girls. I asked if he would like to naked prelolita girls photo
dance. He said yes!
Bingo! I was on my way to having my first gay experience of my life.
The evening went on and I noticed a man with silver hair and a
brown/black mustache. He too looked very familiar. My partner went to
the bar to get a drink, and this other man came over toward me. What
should I do? I wanted the God at the bar. But, I wanted this man too.He came over to me and offered me a drink. I declined and said that I
was fine. He asked me my name, my age, all of that formal introductory
stuff. Of coarse, I lied about it all. Then, the God, by the name of
David, came up the very young horny lolitas
man with the silver hair, by the name of Rick and me.
I expected him to say something that would make me feel awkward.
However, David said hi to Rick. They were friends! Rick knew that I
had been with David the whole time. We all three started dancing and
having a very good time.Somehow, the night ended up back and David's place. We all shared in
mad passionate love. It started by Rick and Dave kissing and asking me
to "join the fun." I wasn't stupid; of coarse I entered this tangled
web of passion. David went down on me first. Then, Rick took Dave's 8
inches of manhood deep down his throat. The power and experience that
these two had for each other and me invoked my census to maximum heat!They asked me if I wanted some cock. I did, that was what the entire
plan was. However, I was very nervous. I had never sucked cock before.
I explained my inexperience and they completely understood. free lolita girl pics
suggested that I mount Rick, while Dave face-fucked him. We did just
that. I blew the biggest, heaviest load of my life. I had never been
so hot before.The next day, my dad came home. I was exhausted, so I was out! He came
into my room and covered my naked body. I must have slept all day and
all night, because my dad came in and woke me up for school at 7:00am.
I pre teen ebony lolita awoke with feelings running through my mind. I was remembering the
best night of my life. The only thing was, that I wanted to see them
both again, but was too drunk to remember where David lived.The next weekend, dad told me that his brother had just moved here two
weeks prior, and didn't bother telling any of his family but their dad.
He told me all about him. He looked a lot like my dad, and me when I
was younger. He was tall, buff, and very handsome. My dad went over to
his house and talked with him for a free lolita top 100
while. When he returned home, he
told me that he ran into one of his friends. My dad said that he had
something to talk to me about.I followed him into the living room. He sat me down on the couch next
to him and just stared at very young horny lolitas me with a cold glare. He was pale, and in a
deep sweat. "I talked to one of my friends. He told me something about you that I
really didn't like to hear. Is they're anything that you would like to
tell me son?""No, not that I know of dad." I was cold inside and out. My dad had to
have known that I was nervous. I knew what he was talking about, but I
couldn't bring myself to say anything."Well, then I am going to have to tell you what I was told."I was waiting for the worst. I expected something like, "Are you a
fucking faggot?" or something like, "I was told that you want to fuck
queers. Is that true son?" Instead, I got something that I didn't expect
at all."So, how come you don't know how to suck cock yet?""Wha wha I I don't know what you your talking about da da dad." "Oh, I think you do son. Somebody told me that you don't know how to
suck a cock yet."I looked down with all of the shame in the world. I didn't know what to
do. I thought that I would be out of the house by supper. I looked up,
into my father's eyes, and he met my glare. There was something in his
eyes that I had never seen before form of understanding. "It's okay son. I understand. I know what you are going through. I
was there once myself Yes, son, I'm gay too."I was completely off guard. I just jumped off the couch and hugged my
dad with all of the strength that I had. He let out a groan. I asked
him, "How did you know that I didn't know that?"He just told me, "You'll know soon enough. You'll know soon enough."Part 2About a weak later, my dad's brother and father were coming over for
supper. I wanted everything to be perfect, because I had never met them
before. My grandpa had lived in California and my brother had just
moved here from there. They lived in the same town, but on different
sides of town, so they never got to see each other much anyway. It was
5:45pm. They were supposed to be here in 15 min! I was so nervous.
Just then, the doorbell rang. It was them! I went to the door behind
my dad and when he opened the door I fainted!I was out for 10 minutes, and woke to see David, Rick, and my dad
standing over me on the couch. I was in a cold sweat while having hot
flashes. The first two people that I had messed around with were my
uncle and my grandpa! I vomited on the floor. My dad cleaned it up
while the other two smirked and laughed. After I had calmed down, my
dad told me that they were the reasons that he knew that I couldn't suck
cock.They all walked toward me. Rick, or my grandpa, stated, "I think that
it is time that we teach this boy how to suck a cock."They all chuckled and agreed. I did too. I was all for this. Hell,
I've been with my grandpa and my uncle, what could it hurt to be with my
old man too?
My dad unzipped his fly. Pulled out his limp 6-inch cock. Then, he
asked me if I would little lolita nimph modles like to give sex family lolita boy
him head. I slowly leaned forward and
licked his now hard 9-inch dick. It was dripping with pre-cum. It
tasted so good. I found myself diving for his cock. I took the whole
thing into my mouth. I was sucking my father's dick! My dad made a
comment that I had to be one of the family because I was a born
cocksucker. As I was forcing my father to fuck my face, my grandfather and my uncle
were 69'ing it in the corner. This made me even hotter. I had seen
many gay porno movies before. I pulled off my father's cock and licked
my finger. I rubbed it in his ass crack. Then, I turned him around and
made him bend over. I dove for his whole. He let out a huge gasp of
air. I knew that I was born to fuck my dad. I forced my finger into my
father's ass. He fucked my finger with his ass for what seemed like
hours, but I didn't mind. I got to my knees and rammed into him with my
young, 8-inch pole. My uncle came over and face fucked my father while my grandfather was
behind me. He was giving me the cleaning of a lifetime. Just as my
grandpa got to his knees to enter me, I pulled off. "The one that can deflower me has to be my father."My father raised up and came over to me. We embraced with a huge,
passionate, and loving hug. Then, my father turned me on my back, put
my legs on his shoulders and entered me with a power that I had never
felt before, or since. I came all over my navel and my chest. Just
then, my father came deep inside my bowels. My uncle and my grandpa
were on their knees coming on my chest.All three of them were licking my chest off. My father came up, with
all of the cum in his mouth, and gave me the best kiss of my life. My grandpa, my uncle, my father, and me now live in the same house.
There are two bedrooms. My uncle and grandfather have one, while my dad
and I have the other.
Other story on lolita underage illegal lolitas the nifty archive: Graduation.
Let me know what you think. excaliber25hotmail.com
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